Posted By: qy01 Looking for Kyojo II - 07/09/21 11:33 AM
Hi! Interested in looking for links to Kyojo II, also known as 教場 II please? Thank you!
Posted By: ETPlanet Re: Looking for Kyojo II - 07/09/21 02:30 PM
Cantonese Version by ViuTV is here. But not sure if this is version II or not.

The raw Japanese version is attached to this post.
Two different source, one 720 and the other 1080.

Online watching is available here:
Only the first one works for me when testing, but you could try the other 3 as well.

[Japanese with Chinese sub]




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720p part1.torrent  (125 downloads)
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720p part2.torrent  (116 downloads)
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1080.torrent  (124 downloads)
Posted By: qy01 Re: Looking for Kyojo II - 07/10/21 02:27 PM
Yeah...the Cantonese version is the first one. Looks like they haven't released the Cantonese version for part II. Might wait a bit then....hopefully ViuTV will do one soon. Thank you!
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