Posted By: mangopie hello - 09/07/21 06:55 PM
My first post here. Hello all.
Posted By: ETPlanet Re: hello - 09/08/21 02:15 PM
Welcome here, enjoy your stay.
Posted By: EJames Re: hello - 09/13/21 04:05 PM
Hello everyone! Hope everyone's well and staying safe! I'm a huge fan of TVB drama series and variety shows! I'm particularly interested in Miss Hong Kong pageant! Can anyone please let me know where i can download this year's pageant? Or is there a thread/forum where I can find previous years pageant as well?

Thanking everyone in advance!

Posted By: ETPlanet Re: hello - 09/13/21 06:00 PM
EJames, 2021 is posted. Btw, your posting privilege is upgraded.

Umm... that's a good question. Older version, if bt, is likely dead. I guess you could trying searching on youtube by "2020香港小姐" or similar. There are plenty of them, although not the full ones broadcast on tv. Otherwise, I really don't see any other working sources for this variety show.
Posted By: Anonymous Re: hello - 09/14/21 06:56 AM
Thank you for your reply and the upgrade, ET Planet, it is much appreciated!
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