監製: 李添勝
編審: 葉廣蔭
演員: 黎耀祥 (飾江尚紅), 胡杏兒 (飾張寄生), 蕭正楠 (飾周細雞), 黎耀祥 (飾鈴木一雄), 馬賽 (飾金韞凌), 劉江 (飾林群), 金剛 (飾武田介男), 李成昌 (飾索多隆), 謝雪心 (飾佟小蘭), 楊瑞麟 (飾劉天)

---> Go here for the complete package, there is no point for me to continue to update this topic, as it was just broadcast on TVB paid channel 2 months ago.

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