What's the hype with BioEm 貝達安 in Hong Kong? Should you trust them?
[all links are fact-checked on April 17, 2020]

First some information I need to point out:
-No contact method, whether it is a telephone number, a physical address, or even an email address. When ordering from a reputable company, a contact method is always listed.

-No "Privacy Policy" at its website [bioem.com/en/privacypolicy/]. It is just a blank page.
-No "Terms and Conditions" to agree to when ordering as it is also another blank page [bioem.com/en/tandc/]. Why would a company leave a blank page for you to agree to? On the other hand, there is a "Purchase Notes" page. Which is not blank. That is so funny.

-Their other website at bioem.com.hk is dated and leads to no product information. As none of the links work in their "Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid" section. But this is expected as I don't think BioEm wants to advertise this website anyways.

-Links from their website to their Facebook and Instagram page returns an 404 page not found error. Usually the one main reason for removing both social media accounts is to hide something. Something they do not want the public to know. Likely a lot of negative comments, which we will never know the reason.
-Just found this out afterwards, you can find their correct FB and IG links by searching instead. Weird to see an active website with spelling mistakes. Especially links to two different social media accounts.

-On their FAQ, the main ingredients listed are natural plant extracts/essence ["spearmint, bitrine, tea saponin and artemisinin"]. Which we all know, the effectiveness of these are questionable at best. These is not any scientific evidence that they work. Also, what the f*** is bitrine? Google search resulted in nothing.
-Side note, lots of grammar/spelling mistake in their FAQ.

-All test documents/certificates, except for one, are for "BioEm Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid". At the time of posting, BioEm itself does not list and/or sell any products with this specific name. The closest thing is called "BioEm Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid", which has a high probability that it is a different product and/or a different formula.
-The only test they have done on "BioEm Air Sanitizing & Purifying Liquid" is a rat poison test. Which we all know, natural ingredients used in this industry is rarely harmful.

-There is just too much wrongs to trust this company and its products. Advertisements on television maybe a way to make BioEm popular. But you need to have at least a semi professional website without all those spelling, grammar, and/or blank pages. If you have money to sponsor shows and events, there is no excuse for this shameful website to exist.

What do you think? Let us know below. Hopefully, all the problems will be fix in the future.

Note: We are just a small, private, and non-funded(free) website. Grammar and/or spelling mistakes are common and we are proud of it. Thank you.