Common Questions:

Who may post a request?
-Any one may post a request. Just reply to this thread
-Posting a new thread in the 'Download' section for request will not be honored

Will my request be fulfill?
-Most of the request will be fulfill
-Unless your request have not been broadcast on tv or release to store
-If guest posting is allowed, their request may not be fulfill

Will my question be answer?
-If your member title contains the word ET, your question will be answer
-Otherwise, it may or may not be answer

Are there any direct download links available?
-No, but some requests will be posted using free file hosting/sharing site. They are available for FREE to everyone, but each of these sites have their own restrictions. Remember, I did not upload any of these files. So if they do seized to work, they will not be fixed.

Where are the rest of the torrent?
-Check the following page of the thread as there is a limit on the number of attachments per post.

Why doesn't the torrent work?
-Remember to use the latest bt client/software
-For new series (ie. posted within a week or two), either your bt client has not been configured properly or your isp is blocking bt traffic
-For a requested or older series, if after 30 minutes of waiting and you do not see any seeders, I would tell you to give up. The likely reason is there is no more seeders left.

How do I search this site?
-I recommend using Google to search this site as it is FASTER and has no LIMITATION
-You can do so like this: 'Keyword'

I have problems logging into your Forum?
-We have a Cookie Purging/Expiring Tools available here:
-If problems continue, I do not recommend ticking "Remember me on each visit"

You can try the following sites for both new and old series
- for tv series:
- for movies:
- for eng sub:
- for all asian drama: || || ||
- for direct download:

Recommended Free Software List:
BitTorrent client: Tixati -
Movie Codec: Shark007's FREE Codec -
Multimedia Player: VLC media player -
Youtube downloader: OR Wondershare UniConverter (from our page)

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