Common Questions:

Who may post a request?
-Any one may post a request.
- - 1. Just reply to this thread
- - 2. Create/reply a thread in 'General'
- - 3. Reply to the existing request thread in 'Download'
-Creating a new thread in the 'Download' section for request will not be honored

Will my request be fulfill?
-Most of the request will be fulfill
-Unless your request have not been broadcast on tv or release to store
-If guest posting is allowed, their request may not be fulfill

Are there any direct download links available?
-No, but some requests will be posted using free file hosting/sharing site. They are available for FREE to everyone, but each of these sites have their own restrictions. Remember that someone else uploaded the files to those sites. So if they do seized to work, they will not be fix.

Where are the rest of the torrent?
-Check the following page of the thread as there is a limit on the number of attachments per post.

Why doesn't the torrent work?
-Remember to use the latest bt client/software
-For new series (ie. posted within a week or two), either your bt client has not been configured properly or your isp is blocking bt traffic
-For a requested or older series, if after 30 minutes of waiting and you do not see any seeders, I would tell you to give up. The likely reason is there is no more seeders left.

Why doesn't the file play?
-Try VLC Media Player , it's available for all platform including apple, windows and linux
-For Windows, try the codec pack at . Solves a lot of issue with playback related problem.
-If still unplayable, try downloading the file again. Maybe it didn't finish downloading or was corrupted while downloading.

How do I search this site?
-I recommend using Google to search this site as it is FASTER and has no LIMITATION
-You can do so like this: 'Keyword'

I have problems logging into your Forum?
-We have a Cookie Purging/Expiring Tools available here:
-If problems continue, I do not recommend ticking "Remember me on each visit"

Recommended Free Software List:
BitTorrent client: Tixati [Windows]
Audio/Video Codec: Shark007 [Windows]
Multimedia Player: VLC Media Player [Apple/Linux/Windows]
Youtube downloader: OR Wondershare Uniconverter (available at page)

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